Xiaomi M365

 Electric Scooter


The Xiaomi M365 has been adopted by many all over the UK as their commuting vehicle of choice. Weighing 12KG, it’s light enough to be carrier up stairs to the office for a comfortable charge while at work.

It’s pretty feature packed, too: Headlights, brake lights, regenerative brakes and thumb activated throttle all combine to be a very fun piece of kit to nip around on. It’s so good it was adopted by Bird and Spin in the USA for their dockless scooter share schemes.

It’s got Bluetooth built in, letting you hook up to your phone and track battery life, distance and average speed. You can set cruise control and acceleration preferences too – which is impressive at this price point. Having cruise control really lets you get to work without much effort at all. Set it to 10mph and you can for nip up and down open areas such as sea fronts and parks from the looks of it!

The scooter won’t activate unless you’re already moving. A quick kick off and pull down the lever and away you go. It’s sturdy too, made from high quality aluminium

While technically not legal on UK roads, many have been using them without much care or hindrance. In the days of under staffing, it is unlikely to be top of the police’s priorities to stop people who are acting with care and consideration. But, be a nuisance and you could be fined.

Fast, cheap and fun, expect to see many more of these in your neighbourhood. We have to hand it to Xiaomi for getting such a complete package launched first time at a low price.

  • Range (Miles) : 18
  • Charge Time (Hours) : 6
  • Release Year : 2019
  • Top Speed (mph) : 15.5
  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Website / Dealer : https://amzn.to/2GPXs4s
  • Removable Battery : No

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