Electric Cargo Bikes


A stripped back version of it’s TRIPL Cargo brother, the Pick Up version has been designed for eco friendly maintenance roles. Think council’s who need to clean gardens, trim hedges or collect waste in a large but manageable form factor.

The “4” comes from the PickUp model having 4 wheels, rather than the Cargo’s 3. Extra stability enables a 800 x 600 euro-pallet sized bed to be installed with a higher load capacity of 300KG.  This extra weight has also meant a reduced top speed – down to 15mph. However, for the use cases we can’t see this being an issue. You don’t exactly see road sweepers dashing through the streets.

We would love to see more of these on the streets, replacing the loud idling diesel vans currently in use. They’re bright, fun and clean.

  • Range (Miles) : 60
  • Charge Time (Hours) : 8
  • Release Year : 2019
  • Top Speed (mph) : 15
  • Country of Origin : Denmark
  • Brand : TRIPL
  • Website / Dealer :
  • Removable Battery : No

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