Electric Cargo Bikes


The TRIPL is a unique and unusual looking vehicle. Effectively a cargo bike on steriods, it features a huge 750L carrying capacity. No pedals means it’ s somewhere between a cargo bike and moped in that it has a top speed of 28mph, unassisted. Just get on and go!

A loading capacity of 200KG means it can deliver most goods most places, and has been designed with local eCommerce and delivery companies in mind. You can perform several drops quickly and cheaply without the need for a van.

Designed in Denmark, the TRIPL has been adapted to a wide range of uses such as restaurant deliveries, mobile coffee vans, frozen or heated food mobility, building site maintenance or mobile servicing vans, as well as just having a large capacity for storage of stock.

The TRIPL is an unusual looking vehicle that pushes the boundary of what a delivery moped can do.

  • Range (Miles) : 60
  • Charge Time (Hours) : 8
  • Release Year : 2018
  • Top Speed (mph) : 28
  • Country of Origin : Denmark
  • Brand : Tripl
  • Website / Dealer :
  • Removable Battery : Yes

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