Super Soco TC

 Electric Motorbikes


The Super Soco TC was perhaps the first glimpse of what an electric motorbike could really be. Inspired by the vintage cafe racer, it stepped away from the attempts at making something look “futuristic”. Instead, it produced a range of classic colours such as vintage green, and combined it with a fake leather seat to produce a stunning design that looked both contemporary yet with that vintage class.

It was also perhaps the first truly affordable electric moped / motorbike. While a top speed of 45mph may put some off, achieving a 50 mile range (up to 100 with a second battery +£895) for just £2,850 after OLEV grant was incredibly impressive.

Features include:

  • Dedicated app
  • 3000W Bosch motor
  • 150Nm of Torque
  • iF Design Award
  • Classic dashboard display combined with LCD digital display
  • Adaptive headlights

A high quality battery contains management technology to ensure safe charging and discharging at all times. Large front and rear brakes provide excellent stopping power, and the bike is quick to accelerate and easy to handle.

Overall the TC is a fantastic entry level electric motorbike for those looking to add a bit of vintage style to their modern motor.

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