Kalk OR

 Electric Motorbikes


Designed for serious off road exploration, the Kalk OR is the second edition to come out of Cake’s bold, clean design. Focusing purely on off roading exhilaration, each component is custom designed and made to a high specification for quality, durability and toughness.

A light bike at under 70kgs, it uses a 51.8V, 50Ah battery with a 7-15kW midmotor. Result? Fast. It’s very fast.

While not cheap at over 12 grand, it’s a serious bit of kit for offRoading that will put a huge smile on everyone’s face. Charging in under 3 hours (with 80% in 1.5) means you can keep going for a full day with just short breaks in between. What a way to explore the environment, and try to save it at the same time!

  • Range (Miles) : 50
  • Charge Time (Hours) : 2.5
  • Release Year : 2019
  • Top Speed (mph) : 46
  • Country of Origin : Sweden
  • Brand : Cake
  • Website / Dealer : https://ridecake.com/kalk-or/
  • Removable Battery : Yes

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